"Agricultural Bank of China Cup" Bridge Invitational
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"Agricultural Bank of China Cup" Bridge Invitational


Chinese Bridge Association

The "Agricultural Bank of China Cup" Large Enterprise Bridge Invitational Tournament hosted by China Bridge Association will be held in Beijing from May to June 2011. The relevant matters of the competition are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Game time

(1) Preliminaries

First stop: 13:00-18:00, May 22, 2011 (Sunday)

Second stop: 13:00-18:00, June 11, 2011 (Saturday)

(2) Final

9:00-17:00, June 25, 2011 (Saturday)

2、 Venue

First stop: Ziyun Hall, Capital Hotel

Second stop: Ziyun Hall of Capital Hotel

Final: Jinyun Hall of Capital Hotel

3、 Competition method

(1) The competition adopts 4-person team competition (each team can report one leader and 4-6 athletes).

(2) Preliminaries: The tournament is made in Switzerland. There are 8 rounds, 8 pairs of cards in each round.

(3) Finals: The teams with the top 23 VP scores in the preliminaries will be admitted to the finals, with the serial numbers of 2-24. The sponsor will directly enter the finals, with the serial number of 1. In the final, there will be 5 rounds of Swiss made tournaments, with 10 pairs of cards for each round, ranking according to VP.

4、 Qualification

(1) In principle, each team shall form a team to participate.

(2) If each team has one head office leader participating in the competition, its partner is allowed to be a member of other units.

(3) If there are any athletes registered with the China Bridge Association in the participating team, they must be regular employees of the applicant.

(4) The organizer will invite some participating teams separately.

5、 Incentives

(1) The teams that win the top eight in the final will be rewarded.

(2) The competition awarded Master Points to China Bridge Association in accordance with the Technical Grade Standards for Members of China Bridge Association.

(3) All teams participating in the competition will be awarded the Participation Award.

6、 Sign up

Please register for China Bridge Association before May 15.

Contact information of China Bridge Association:

Address: No. 80 Tiantan East Road, Beijing, 100061

Tel.: 87559163, 87559162

Fax: 67115728