Bridge Education Program – Updates
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Bridge Education Program – Updates

April 6, 2018

Mr. Ravi Raman (Chairman of Bridge Education Program) has sent a small write up about the progress of the Bridge Education Program:

Synopsis of the progress on Bridge education program:

  1. Curriculum finalized for Schools, Colleges and Open Programs
  2. Application for Bridge to be treated as extra-curricular activity in schools and colleges completed. Awaiting their approval. Follow-ups are being made.
  3. Faculty pool identified across 7 cities. Train the trainer program completed in Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmadabad . Scheduled this month in Pune.
  4. Presentation material for marketing in schools, colleges and open programs finalized
  5. Marketing brochure for Bridge printed. Brochure enclosed for your reference
  6. While we can now market and conduct open programs our progress on schools and colleges will be at a slow pace till we get approval from regulatory authorities.