If you are national/regional Bridge Federations,Bridge Leagues or may be huge Bridge Clubs that may need bridge supplies in bulk quantity,or,if you are local companies or stores that supply bridge accessories to local bridge clubs,Trump Suit Bridge Accessories can offer you very attractive wholesale rates(10% to 50% discount).Our main aim is to reduce bridge clubs’ and bridge players’ cost eventually,therefore profit is not our main concern.

We are also looking for business partner(sales agent) at each country.If you happen to have some interest,please feel free to call or email,we may discuss in detail.

For English speaking,please just call us on +86 153 855 084 99 (Kevin),add Whatsapp: +86 153 855 084 99 ,

or email to kevin@sophia-ltd.com . 

At least we could do something to make more and more ordinary players can play bridge with cheap but high quality accessories.This is our visions.