Notice on the 2008 Youth Bridge Summer Camp
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Notice on the 2008 Youth Bridge Summer Camp
Beijing Aerospace Long March Bridge Club

The Summer Camp for Youth, funded by the National Sports Lottery Charity Fund, is scheduled to be held in the summer. According to the requirements of this summer camp activity project, the implementation methods and related requirements of the joint camp activities jointly organized by the Bridge Association of Fengtai District, the Education Union of Fengtai District, and the Bridge Association of Primary and Middle School Students of Fengtai District are notified as follows:

1. Name of the summer camp: The National Youth Sports Lottery Charity Fund 2008 National Youth Bridge Summer Camp Fengtai Branch.

Second, the activity time: summer from July 12 to July 15, every day from 8:30 to 16:30.

3. Location: Fengtai District Experimental Primary School (Fengtai District Youth Bridge Club).

4. Activity form: training and competition, providing lunch, no accommodation, parents are responsible for safe transfer.

5. Participants: Elementary and middle school students (elementary school senior students).

6. Activity organization:

Opening Ceremony: Use PPT to introduce bridges, various bridge competitions nationwide, and the development of bridge activities for primary and middle school students in Fengtai District.

The first three days of bridge teaching training are divided into two classes according to level: the bridge introduction class: face the students who have no foundation, cultivate interest, and learn to play bridge initially; the bridge improvement class: face the students who have foundation, introduce natural bidding Law, regular sitting and defense methods to improve the bridge level.

On the fourth day, a bridge competition is held: Bridge training competition: students in the bridge entry class; the second bridge competition for primary and middle school students in Fengtai District: students from the bridge improvement class are invited, and students from other districts and counties are invited to participate. The team champion awarded a mobile trophy, and the top three team members awarded certificates and prizes.

Closing ceremony: awarding competitions, issuing training certificates uniformly produced by the China Bridge Association, membership cards of the China Bridge Association, and leadership speeches.

7. Fee collection: Campers pay 200 yuan, including materials, training, lunch, camp service and other expenses.

8. Registration method: The bridge start school and the planned start school are organized by the teacher to collectively register and send to the Fengtai District Experimental Primary School through the office network. Students from other districts and counties can register through the mailbox. The registration mailbox is as follows: When registering, indicate whether there is a bridge foundation. Registration ends on July 8.

Schools in other districts and counties are welcome to register! Schools planning to open bridge classes are welcome to send teachers to participate in the observation!

Fengtai District Bridge Association Fengtai District Education Trade Union Fengtai District Primary and Secondary Students Bridge Association

June 27, 2008