Competition Rules of 2011 Shaanxi Bridge Association Championship
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Competition Rules of 2011 Shaanxi Bridge Association Championship


Shaanxi Bridge Association

1、 Time and place

May 14-15, 2009 Conference Center of Northwest Power Construction Company.

2、 Organizer

Shaanxi Bridge Association

3、 Competition items

Group competition of Class A and Class B.

4、 Participants

Group A: 12 teams. The organizing committee shall coordinate and deal with any non participants. List of Class A teams; Northwest Electric Power Construction, Bridge Team, West China University of Technology, Baoji Changling, Xi'an Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shaanxi Electric Design Institute, Aerospace Materials Institute, Provincial Women's Team, the Third Aviation Institute of West China University of Technology, Composite Materials Research Institute, the Fourth Aviation Institute, Jinmo Group

Class B can enter the competition freely.

5、 Competition method

The opening ceremony was held at 8:30 a.m. on May 14, and the official competition was held after the opening ceremony.

The first class team adopts the single cycle system, and the last three are demoted.

Class B team adopts the point cycle voucher making cycle system, and the top three are promoted to Class A.

6、 Judgment and arbitration

The competition is governed by the China Bridge Competition Rules and the Judgement Law approved by the China Bridge Association in 1991. If any problem is found during the match, each team has the right to appeal to the arbitration committee against the judgment of the referee on duty. The appeal must be made in writing within 20 minutes after the end of the game, and the appeal fee of 100 yuan shall be paid. The appeal will win and the fee will be returned.

7、 Reward scoring method

Top 6 teams will be awarded in the open team style. The top 3 of the second class team will be awarded.

8、 Expenses

The entry fee of each participating team is 200 yuan (half for the senior team), and the travel expenses, subsidies, and accommodation during the competition are provided by themselves.

9、 Matters not covered herein shall be stipulated separately.

Shaanxi Bridge Association