Bridge marathon for Sport Relief
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Bridge marathon for Sport Relief

3 FEB 2016

Members of Stamford Bridge Club will be taking part in a bridge marathon on 18th-19th March to raise money for Sport Relief, and everyone is welcome to join them.

There are those who still doubt whether bridge is a 'sport', but there will be no questioning the skill, and mental and physical stamina, on display in this endurance event. Competing in this 'mind sport marathon' will be a fitting way to support the sport-oriented charity. Funds raised through Sport Relief support education and health projects in the UK and overseas, including projects for dementia sufferers which is apt given the link between playing bridge and alleviating the impact of cognitive decline.

Players can take part in any number of three-hour sessions, and some will attempt to play for the whole 24 hours! To support the players, volunteers from SBC will provide much-needed refreshments to sustain those playing through the night. Anyone interested in taking part, should contact Marcus Witt for more information on 01780 767384 or Donations to Sport Relief for their efforts can be made here.

Pictured getting in some training are SBC members (left to right) David Banks, Paul Redfern, Tracy Riddington, Jo Martin, Jane Eayrs, Cliff Orme and Terry Knights.